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28 <br />of the Peace, sail the County Court, and the farther was of tee ees" ref <br />wile for every mile nece%arily trarelled by snob Juror &on his pbee of <br />residence to the Court House of the said County, aeeordwg to the ray -Gat <br />to be kept by the Sheriff of the said Counter. <br />1V. Be it enacted, that the lherif of the said County aban be eoti1w <br />to receive the following itums, and oo more, for the serrices performed by <br />him under this By -law, Dmaely : For every paylisti, the sum of twenty -i.e <br />cents; and for checking the game per diem, the sum of one dollar; and ter <br />certilying and returning the mme to the Treasurer of the said County, tin <br />am of twenty -five cents. <br />V. Be it enucled, that all aums fayaWe under the tbird and foartb <br />sections of this By -law, shall be paid by the Treasurer of the County, upon <br />the certified Jury -lists of the Sheriff. <br />VT. And be it enacted, that the burthea of the said several asneā€¢n- <br />ments above required, shall 4e-proportioned amongst and borne by, the <br />sereral Municipalities in the proportion or shares hereinafter sawed ; and <br />the ,.Wreral sLms set opposite to the names of each Municipality in the <br />schedule hereunto annexed and forming part of this By -law, shall be raised, <br />levied and collected therein upon the whole rateable property in each re- <br />spectively, for the several rates for which they are designed. and shall be <br />paid over into the hands of the County Treasurer on er before the 14th <br />day of December in the present year, and to ba by him applied to tbo <br />several purposes appointed by this By -law. <br />JOHN MONNOR, die., <br />B. A. Mc MULL fN, Warden. <br />County Clerk, <br />BY -LAW LVI. <br />A BY-LAW <br />To provide for 6w payment of qualified Teachers and Lwil Sc6W Sapewo <br />inteudents for the year 16360. <br />(PASSSD 11th July, A. D., 1860. <br />Whereas it is necessary, in order to entitle the several Townships is <br />the County of Essex to certain sums of money out of the Legislative <br />School Grant, for the payment of legally qualified teachers, to assess the <br />Keveral Townships, in suns equal at least to the sums appointed, after <br />allowing for defatcatwns and expenses for collection ; and whereas it is <br />necessary to provide for the salaries of Local Superintendents of Schools ; <br />and whereas it will require the bum of two ihou%and two hundred dollars, <br />to be raiseJ, levied cud collected, for the payment of qualified Teachers, <br />