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29 <br />cad a fwtber sued of two hundred dad forty -eight do.lars for the payment <br />.of Local Superintendents of Schools. <br />1, Be it therefore enacted by the County Council of the Corporatirnr <br />.ef.the County of Essex, is Council as+ enabled, under dad by virtoe of the <br />tJpper Canada Municipal Act, and it is hereby enacted, by the authority <br />mof the same, that there be raised, levied and collected, apots the rateable <br />property in the sewral Townships in the Cosaty of Essex. in addition to <br />all other rates and as_sassmeatt. fix the payment -d go,d;i'd Teacbera and <br />i.ocel Superintendents of Schools, the awn of $2448 ; add list the me+veraL <br />�"ms set opposite to the names of eacb Township is the Schedule bereante <br />.annexed, and forming part of this By -law, shall be raised, levied and ec& <br />lected therein, in the same manner u all other County Rates are now by <br />iaw raised, l+evwd and collected ; and the sums for the payment of qualifwd <br />Teachers is the said Schedule mentioned, shall bs paid into the bands of <br />the County Treasurer, and the snorts is said Sehe,iule also mestiowW for <br />the payment of Local Superintendents, shall be paid over into the hands of <br />bub-Treasurets of .`school monies of the several Townships respectively. <br />an or before the 14th day of December now neat ensuing. <br />JOHN (YCONY_ R, JR., <br />D. A. McM LLEX, Warded. <br />County Clerk. <br />NUMBER LVIL <br />A BY -LAW, <br />To levy a tax in the County of Essex, for the lntnrovemesat of eortsin <br />Roads and Bridges is the aforesaid County of Essex. <br />LPwttsan 11th July, A. D., 1860. <br />Whereas it is ewpedieat to raise the sum of $2538, for the Improve - <br />ment of certain Roads and Bridges in the County of lasses. <br />I. Be it therefore enacted, by the Council of the Corporation of the <br />County of Essex, in Council assembled, under and by virtue of the Upper <br />Canada Municipal Act, and it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the <br />same, that there shall be raised, levied and eollected, the said soar of <br />*2538, upon the whole rateable'w„petty is the said County of Essex is <br />addition to all other rates and assessments imposed, for the improvement of <br />certain Roads and Bridges in the aforesaid Couuty of Essex. <br />II. Be it enacted, that the Said sum of $2538 to be raised and levied <br />as aforesaid, shall be expended as follows: that is to say, on the Town line <br />between Sandwich and Anderdon. commenciar at the Fourth Conoessioa <br />of 1Le Towaship of Sandwich, and running to %Vhitr'a corner an the said <br />