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a <br />BY -LAW.. ' <br />PASSED IN THE TWENTY- FOURTH SESSION <br />:. i <br />junicipat Council of ibc Gatttg of 055a. <br />• NUMBER tvim ` <br />A BYLAW. <br />Whereas it is deemed expedient to amen& By -Law, No. 67 pasaad <br />11th July, A. D. 1860, bt appointing eertais persona to act as Raa& <br />Commissioners in the place and stead of Henry Wright, William Flanigan, <br />Laurent Resume, Andrew Patil:o, and Walter Cowan, who hav'e ceased 1a <br />be members of this Council. <br />Be it therefore enacted by th! County Couwa of the eerporat60 of <br />the County of Essex, in C%mcd assembkd, radar and by virtue of the <br />Upper Canada Municipal Aat, and it n hereby esaetrd by 60 autboritY of <br />the same, that the names of Jobs Ferris, $emus& Wileoxv Luke ,1Aear• <br />trend, John Chambers, at,d Theodore Malott, shall be sad tbey are baro• <br />by substituted is the place of those of the said Wright, Flaoipa, Rowws, <br />Patillo, and Cowan. <br />Q. Be it enacted that the Warden shall be and be is 'hereby author* <br />iced to sign warrants for the payment of as aecousta far work done under <br />the provisions of this by -lsw. <br />& Be it enacted that so much of said by -law, No. 679 as refers to <br />the appou,tmest of said Wright, Fkaiga% Re~, PstiUo, and CONes, be <br />0114 66 saw is bersby repealed. <br />SOLOMON W1GLE9 <br />D. As. MCMULLTN, wk"DU'• <br />Co. CXas. <br />