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Countv of <br />Essex <br />The Corporation of the County of Essex <br />By-Law Number 24-2OLg <br />A By-law to adopt a Procurement Policy for the <br />Corporation of the County of Essex. <br />Whereas pursuant to Section 270 (1) (3) of the Municipal Act 2OOL, S.O. 2001, <br />c.25, a municipality is required to adopt and maintain a policy with respect to <br />its procurement of goods and services; <br />Now therefore the Council of the Corporation of the County of Essex hereby <br />enacts as follows: <br />1) Schedule A, which is attached hereto and forms part of this By-law, is <br />the Corporation of the County of Essex Procurement Policy, adopted <br />and maintained in accordance with Section 270 (1) (3) of the Municipat <br />Act 200L, S.O. 200I, c.25 <br />2) The short title of this by-law shall be the "Procurement Policy By-law". <br />3) By-law No.46-2007 is hereby repealed. <br />4)This By-law shall come into force and take effect after the final <br />passing. <br />Read a first, second and third time and Finally ssecl this 19th day <br />of June, 2019. <br />Ne son Santos, Deputy Warden <br />Mary S. Birch, Clerk