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4 , <br />;=r <br />• f <br />CORPORATION OF THE COUNTY OF ESSEX <br />BY -LAW NUMBER #3335 -98 <br />A BY -LAW TO ADOPT THE ESTIMATES FOR THE SUMS <br />REQUIRED DURING THE YEAR 1998 FOR GENERAL <br />AND LIBRARY PURPOSES FOR THE CORPORATION OF <br />THE COUNTY OF ESSEX AND TO ESTABLISH TAX <br />RATES FOR SAME AGAINST THE LOCAL <br />MUNICIPALITIES. <br />WHEREAS the Council of the County of Essex has reviewed its estimates for the <br />year 1998; <br />AND WHEREAS Section 365(1) of the Municipal Act, Chapter M.45, R.S.O. <br />1990, as amended by Bills 106, 149, 160, 164 and 16 provides that the Council of every <br />municipality shall in each year prepare and adopt estimates of all sums required during the <br />year for the purposes of the municipality; <br />AND WHEREAS the Council of the County of Essex has approved the 1998 <br />County of Essex estimates in accordance with Schedule 1 attached hereto; <br />AND WHEREAS the distribution of the amount to be levied for County general <br />purposes and for County Library purposes is illustrated in Schedule 2 attached hereto; <br />AND WHEREAS Section 366 of the Municipal Act, Chapter M. 45 R.S.O., 1990, <br />and amendments thereto, provides that the Council of an upper -tier municipality shall, <br />after the adoption of estimates for the year: <br />a) pass a by -law directing the Council of each lower -tier municipality to levy a <br />separate tax rate on the assessment in each property class in the lower -tier <br />municipality rateable for upper -tier purposes, <br />b) establish the value and timing of installments in which the amounts to be raised <br />shall be paid to the County, and <br />c) set the rate of interest which may be charged on the amount in default if a local <br />municipality fails to make any payment, or portion thereof; <br />AND WHEREAS Sections 362 and 363 of the said Act require tax rates to be <br />established in the same proportion to tax ratios; <br />AND WHEREAS the tax ratios for the 1998 taxation year have been set out in <br />By -law # 3334 -98 of the Corporation of the County of Essex dated July 23r 1998; <br />AND WHEREAS certain regulations require reductions in certain tax rates for <br />certain classes or subclasses of property; <br />