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The Corporation of the County Of Essex <br /> By­Law NIwo. 14-20113 <br /> A By-law to, Adopt The Estimates For The Sums <br /> Required During 'The Year 2013 For The Corporation <br /> Of T' a County Of Essex And To Establish Tax Fates, <br /> For Same Against The Local Municipalities <br /> Whereas the Council of the County of IEss,ex has, reviewed its <br /> estimates for the year 2,0113�; <br /> And whereas Section 289(1) of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.0. <br /> 2001, c,25, as amended, provides, that the Council of an upper-tier <br /> municipality shall, in each year, prepare and adopt a budget including <br /> estimates of all sums required during the year for the purposes of the <br /> upper-tier municipality; <br /> And whereas the Council of the County of Essex Iha s approved the <br /> 2013 County of Essex estimaites, in accordance with Schedule I attached <br /> her,eto; <br /> ,end wherea s the distribution of the amount to be levied for <br /> County purposes is illustrated In Schedule 2 attached hereto; <br /> And whereas, Section 311(2) of the Municipal!, Act, 2001, S.O. <br /> 2001, c,25, as amended, provides, that the Council of am upper-tier <br /> municipality shall, after the adoption of estimates for the year, pass al, <br /> by-law directing each low er-tieir municipality to levy a separate tax irate, <br /> as specified in the by-law, on the assessment in each property class in <br /> the lower-tier Municipality rateable for upper-tier Purposes.; <br /> And whereas Section 311 (6) of the said Act reqluire tax rates to, <br /> be estabilishied in the same proportion to tax ratios; <br /> 1. <br /> And whereas the tax ratios for the 2013 taxation year have been <br /> set out in By-law Number 13-2013 of the Corporation of the County of <br /> Essex, dated March 6, 20,13'; <br /> And whereas certain: regulations require reductions in certain, tax <br /> rates for certain classes or sub6lassies of property; <br /> And whereas Sections 315 and 322 of the Municipal Act, 0, 1, <br /> S,m 20,01, c.25, as amended, provide for the apportionment of <br /> payments in lieu of taxes and taxation of certain railway and power <br /> utility lands, and for the number of instalments, and due dates thereof <br /> and the rate of interest to be paid on the amount in default if a local <br /> municipality fails to make a payment, or portion thereof; <br /> And wheireas, tax rates for each property class will be calculated <br /> for County, purposes; <br />