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$ -Law Number 1868 <br />AUTHORIZING SPEED LIMITS <br />WHEREAS subsection 6a of section 59 of The Highway Traffie <br />Act (R. S. O. 1960, Chapter 172) authorizes the council of a township <br />or county by by-law to prescribe a lower or higher rate of speed for <br />motor vehicles on a highway or portion of highway under its jurisdietion <br />that is not within a built -up area or suburban distriet than is prat <br />cribed in clause a of subsection 1 of section 59, but such rate at speed <br />shall not be less than 35 miles per hour or more than 60 miles per hour; <br />AND WHEREAS it is deemed expedient that the speed linilt for <br />motor vehicles on certain highways in the Municipality of Township of <br />Rochester be either decreased or increased or both; <br />NOW THEREFORE the Council of the Corporation of the Musd- <br />cipality of County of Essex enacts as follows: <br />1. When any highway or portion of highway set out in Schedule <br />A, appended thereto is marked in compliance with the regulations under <br />The Highway Traffic Act the maximum rate of speed thereon shut be <br />the rate of speed prescribed in the schedule. <br />2, <br />The penalties provided <br />in <br />subsection 12 of sections 59 of The <br />Highway <br />Traffic Act shall apply <br />to <br />offences against this by -law. <br />3. This by -law shall not become effective until approved by the <br />Department of Transport. <br />it • • .. i . <br />rRED BISTAW, wardan C. A. KEEM, Clerk <br />/CHEDULE "A" <br />Maximum rate of speed — 35 mWr par hour <br />yhrkwov From !a <br />County Road 31 KWs Highway *2 mile south of Highway 2 <br />County Road 31 King's Highway *2 %mile north of Highway 2 <br />