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MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS <br />OF <br />THE THIRTY- FIFTH SESSION <br />OF THE <br />,1111111 tip , �o�t1tt� af(�ssct <br />FIRST DAY. <br />COUNCIL CHAMBER, SANDWICH, June 18th, 1866. <br />Pamun' to aejournment from January session the Council met. Pres- <br />°, —the harden and Messrs. Theo. Wirle, Langlois, Atkin, McMullin, <br />11eGnire, Chamber., Brush, Richmond, Shipley and 3Iontreuil. <br />#.quorn-nbeing present, Mr. McMullin gives notice that he will to -mor- <br />row move for the appointment of a Committee to equalize the assessment <br />*.Richmond gives notice that to- morrow he will introduce a by -law <br />Ipportioning the surplus monies in the non - resident land fund among the <br />m: 011itles rateably according to the monies received and arrears due, <br />account of the non - resident land in each municipality in terms of <br />me163d Section of Chapter 55 of the consolidated statutes of U. C. <br />Hr. Richmond gives notice that he will report his action in regard to <br />aeotxtluctions placed on the town line between Malden and Colchester. �! <br />Mr. Brush gives notice that he will to- morrow introduce a resolution re- <br />r ing the Countv Auditors to audit the 6chool monies intrusted to the <br />m r and other officers, and report to the Council. <br />Itlr.Richmond gives notice, that he will move to- <br />me <br />that the <br />11'adfen be authorized to enforce the bonds against William Bartlett and <br />mearities for the repairs done on the roof of the gaol and court house. �. <br />Mr. Brush gives notice that be will to- -LOrrow introdue a resoluuoa loirq the County Treasurer to submit to this Council,with said Treasurer's <br />sport, the Sheriff's detailed return to him of lands sold for taxes; also that <br />to County Treasurer submit to the Council the Sheriff a book riving a <br />description by metes and bounds of any parcel of land sold by him for ar- <br />Honed by Mr.lAtkin ibereto. <br />1`y Mr. Malott, That this Council <br />porn until to- morrow at 10 o'clock i . m. SOL WIGLE, Wardes. <br />THOS. McKEE, Clerk. <br />SECOND DAY. _ <br />COUNCIL CH MBERP SAND"'C", <br />rwCouncil met pursuant to ad'ourument. The roll called; all <br />tr ]4601bere present except INIesarx. Bloomfield and Trudell. a <br />The sainutes of yesterday were read and apppro�ved• oaded by <br />in the order of the day, it we, moved by Mr. McMullin, e� <br />A <br />