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t C0 <br />BY.- LA`'V'S.� <br />BY -LAW NO. 96. <br />T, prenle to die Menses of an _sty of Ent-T, Ow for tie M" <br />,V Gad not Petit jorm jor the yw 196ss5. <br />Pasasn July 27.19tii. <br />Whereas it is neeedeary to provide the sure of $15,200, to defray !6e <br />eurrent expenses of the Count)- of Essex, according to the estimate of thr <br />Finance Committer and whereas it is expedient to raisethe sag of <br />5:4000 for the payment of Grand and Petit Jurors attending the Cosrt M <br />Assizes, Nisi Prius, and General Quarter Sessions of the Peace and Lk <br />County Court : <br />Be it therefore enacted by the County Council of the Corporation of the <br />Con ntyof Essex, in Council assembled, under the virtue of Upper Cansde <br />Municipal Institutions Act, and it is hereby enacted by the anthofitf of the <br />same, that there shall be raised, levied, and collected, the sum of =15,100, <br />upon the whole rateable property in the County of Essex, in addition a <br />other rates and assessments for and during the present year, for theVnenl <br />current expenses of the said County of Essex. <br />Be it enacted, that there shall also be raised, levied, and collected, the stet <br />of $2,000, for the purpose of creating a fund for the said Jurors atten,iiat <br />the Court of Assizes, Nisi Prins, and General Quarter Se&ions of the <br />Peace and County Court, in and for the said County of Essex, Upon tk. <br />whole rateable property in the County of Emex, in addition to 4 <br />rates and assessments imposed for county or township purposes. <br />Be it enacted, that the srm of $1 per diem be paid to egos and <br />Grand and Petit Juror, for each day's attendance at any of the Coats ei <br />Assizes, Nisi Prins, the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace am tis <br />County Court; and the further sum of 100. per mile for every mile new <br />sarily travelled by such Juror, from his place of residence to the Ceaa <br />House of the said county, according to the pay lis: to be kept by the Shedd <br />of the said county. <br />Be it enacted, that the Sheriff of the said eoantr shall be en?WW to <br />receive the following sums, and no more, for the services performed by ha <br />under this By -law, viz: for every pay list the sum of $1; then for ehetk4 <br />nine, per diem, 25c; and for certifying and returning the same to t6 <br />Treasurer of the said County, the sum of $I- <br />Be it enacted, that all sums payable under the third and fourth eoetim <br />of this By -law, shall be paid by the Treasumr of the county, upon tbeoei• <br />tified Jury List of the Sheriff'. <br />And be it enacted that the burden of the said several assssaraenh abft <br />uir�ed shall be proportioned amongst and borne by the several aiuwc,. <br />in the ro proportion or shams bereafter named, and the seveeal wr <br />net op <br />PORte to hepnames of each municipality in the schedule berms <br />annexed and formin part of this By -law, .hall be raised, levied, sat <br />lected ► upon the whole rateable property i.n each � ivel <br />� ssveual ,eye or which they are designed, and shall be evo <br />