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;• <br />the s-ma. Tttr�t nn Ill w;:nr; null t:eli :i. ^s and otlltr tr :Bing ; erar +n: eff 5r IT" <br />place to place, or travelling in any way whatever for sach pnrpol", of .rr <br />have not become housebolders by permanent residence in any town or plar� <br />within the said County of Essex, shrill carry to sell or expose or offer for jwe <br />any Roods, wares or merchandlze, without first taking out a license tbrsaid <br />purpose. <br />Be it therefore enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the licenses b"Ic. <br />before mentioned shall be granted by the County Clerk upon a certificate from <br />the County Treasurer, that such person has pAd the amount of such lice4se <br />into his hands. and for every such license that shall be granted, there shall b <br />paid by the persons applying for the same the slim of $30 for a double -botse <br />conveyance ; the sum of $20 for a single-borse conveyance, and the Sam of $9 <br />for foot pedlars and hawkers, and for any persons pedling or hawking in aa., <br />other conveyance than above enumerated, the sum of $40. <br />Be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that anv person or perm, <br />who shall sell, or cam to sell, or expose or offer to sell any goods, wares or <br />merchaudize without first having obtained a lieenee therefor, Shall be snhj et <br />to a penalty of not less than $4, nor more than $20 for every contravention of <br />this By -law, to be levied by warrant under the hand and seal of any justice of <br />the Peace of the County of Essex, upon c)nviction ; and in default of suibeient <br />distress, the party so convicted be imprisoned in the common gaol of the Conn. <br />ty of Essex for a period not exceeding twenty days. <br />Be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that all monies received for <br />licenses and penalties and fees levied and collected under this By -law, shall be <br />paid into the Treasurer of the County of Essex, and shall form part of the <br />general fund of the County; and further repealing all former By laws. <br />N0. 94. <br />BY-LAW S. W IGLE, Warden. <br />A By -Law to levy a tag in the County of Ersex, for the improvemeatof <br />County Roads <br />PAssaD 21st June <br />, 1886 <br />Whereas it is expedient to raise the sum of two thousand five hundred aad <br />fifty - eigbt dollars, for the improvement of certain roads and bridges in the <br />County of Essex, <br />1. Beit enacted by the Council of the corporation of the County of Essex, in <br />Council assembled, under and by virtue of the Canada ;Municipal Act, and it <br />is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, that there shall be raised, levied <br />and collected the said sum of two thousand'five hundred and fifty.ei;ht doll4ts <br />upon the whole rateable property in the said County of Essex, in addition to <br />other rates and assessments -imposed. for the improvement of certain roa& <br />and bridges in the County of Essex. <br />2. Be it enacted t4at the said sum of two thousand five hundred and fify, <br />eight dollars to be raised and levied as aforesaid, shall be expended as folloq <br />That is to say, according to the apportionment annexed to the report ofthe <br />Road and Bridge Committee of June 21st., 1866. <br />3. Be it enacted that the whole so to be done and performed as aforesaid shall <br />be given out by contract by public competition by the said parties duly `. <br />pointed to superintend the same, on or before the first day of October next; 404 <br />should any one or more of the above mentioned parties fall to be present at the <br />time appointed for the Ietting, of the work, then any one member of anch Corp. <br />missiorrerspresent may proceed to the letting of the same. <br />4. Be it enacted that all contracts entered into for the performance of an <br />work to be done under the provisions of this By -law, shall be signed by all the <br />commissioners letting the same on behalf of the corporation, and that all supu <br />eball be paid by the Treasurer, upon a certificate being produced frora 4he Carina <br />missioner or commissioners letting the same of the work having been perfora d <br />ace ordiog to contract. <br />5 Be it enacted that the several commissioners hereby appointed to snParia. <br />tend the letting of any work to be done as aforesaid, shall receive three per coat <br />upon all contracts entered into by them under the provisions of thi4By -14tr <br />be deducted from the amount appropriated. , to <br />