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BY -LAW NO. 91. <br />rl By-Law to amend By -Cara No. 77. <br />Passed 31st Jancaty, 14 <br />Whereas it is deemed expedient to amend By -Law No. 77, entitled a e <br />Law to regulate the issuing of Licenses to auctioneers within the Corplt <br />lion of the County of Essex other than in towns. <br />Be it therefore enacted by the Council of the Corppcc►►ration of Essex, <br />Council assembled, that the preamble of By -Law No. 77 be amended <br />striking out the words «other than in towns," and the second clause <br />amended by substituting $50 instead of $25. <br />, THOS. McKEE, Clerk. SOLOMON WIGLE, Warda <br />