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38 <br />BY -LAW NO. 798 <br />7b Pmuiele fir the Current Expenses of the Omnty of E*M, and for the paymenf <br />of Griod and Petit Ju)vn for the year 1864. <br />PasseD JQne 24, 1864, <br />WHEaE. +s it is necessary to provide the sum of $11,000, to defray the current <br />expenses of the County of Essex, according to the estimate of the Finance Com- <br />mittee; and whereas it is expedient to raise the sum of $2000 for the payment <br />of Grand and Petit Jurors attending the Court of Assizes, Niai Prime, and gene- <br />ral Quarter Sessions of the Peace and the County Court; <br />Be it therefore enacted by the County Council of the Corporstion of the <br />County of Essex, in Council assembled, under and by virtue of the Upper Cana- <br />da Municipal Institutions Act, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the <br />same, that there shall be raised, levied, and collected, the sum of $11,000, upon <br />the whole rateable property in the County of Essex, in addition to all other rates <br />and assessments for and during the present year, for the general curftut expenses <br />of the said County of Essex. <br />Be it enacted, that there shall also be raised, levied, and collectedrthe ease of <br />$:,000, for the purpose of creating a fund for the said Jurors attending the <br />Curt of Assizes, Nisi Prins, and general Quarter Sessions of the Peace and the <br />County Court, in and for . the said County of Essex, upon the whole isteabler <br />property in the County of Essex, in addition to all other rates and asaeasment& <br />imponed for county or township purposes. <br />Be it enacted, that the sum of $1 per diem be paid to each and every Grando <br />and Petit Juror, for each day's attendance at any of the Courts of Assizes, Nisi <br />Prins, the general Quarter Sessions of the Peace and the County Court; and the <br />further sum of 10c. per mile for every mile necessarily travelled by such Juror, <br />from his place of residence to the Court House of the said County, according to <br />the pay list to be kept by the Sheriff of the said county, <br />Be it enacted, that the Sheriff of the said County, shall be entitled to receive <br />the following sums and no more, for the services performed by him under this <br />by -law, viz.: for every pay list the sum of $1 ; for checking the same, per diem, <br />25c.; and for certifying and returning the same to the Treasurer of the said <br />county, the sum of $1. <br />Be it enacted, that all sums payable under the third and fourth sections of <br />this by -law, shall be paid by the Treasurer -of the County, upon the certified <br />Jury List of the Sherif% <br />And be it enacted, that the burden of the said several assessments above - <br />required shall be proportioned amongst and borne by the several municipalities <br />in the proportion or shares hereafter named, and the several sums set opposite to <br />the na nes of each municipality in the schedule hereunto annexed and forming <br />Part of this by -law, shall be raised, levied, and collected thereon, upon the <br />whole rateable property in each resp -uctively, for the several rates for which they <br />are designed, and shall be paid over into the hands of the County Treasurer, os► <br />or before the 14th day of December in the present year, and to be by him applied• <br />to the several purposes appointed by this by —law. <br />SOLOMON WIGLE, Warden. <br />D. ]IOYNAHAN, Clerk. <br />B7 -LAW NO. 80. <br />To Preside for tke Payment of qualified Teachers and Local sekod Suupernneeadents <br />for the year 1864. <br />PAswiro June 24th, 1864. <br />Wasasss it is necessary to entitle the several townships in the County of <br />Baez to certain sums of money out of the Legislative School Grant for the <br />payment of legally qualified teachers, to &saes& the several townships in sums <br />equal, at least, to the sums apportioned, after allowing for defalcations, and <br />expenses for collection; and whereas it is necessary to provide for the salsries of <br />Local Superintendents of Schools; and whereas it will require the sum of <br />$2,315 to be raised, levied, and collected, for the payment of qualified teachers; <br />and a further sum of $304 for the payment of Local Superintendents of Schools i <br />