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BY -LAWS. <br />i <br />BY -LAW NO. 77. <br />Tb Regsdate the Isssang oj'Licenses toJuctioneers within the Lissits af as Cwppr_ <br />tion of the Coanty of ,Ewes, other than in Tomes: <br />Passed Jose 24 186. <br />Whereas it is deemed expedient to make provision for licensing, regulating, <br />and governing persons selling or putting up for sale goods, wares, merchandise, <br />or effects by public auction, within the limits of the corporation of the Counq of <br />Essex, other than in towns; <br />L Be it enacted, by the Council of the corporation of the County of lisstx, <br />that from and after the passing of this by -law, no person shall, within the limit+ <br />aforesaid, sell or offer for sale st public auction any goods, wares, merchandise, <br />or other effects, without having first obtained a license so to do )Under the pro - <br />visions of this by -law. <br />TI. That for each and every license issued under tbd provisions of this by -law, <br />the party applying for the same shall pay to the Treasurer of the said rorponfion <br />the sum of $25, and the Clerk of such corporation shall be, and is hereby author., <br />iced, upon receiving a certificate from the said Treasurer of the Payment of the <br />said amount, to issue such license under the seal of the corporation. <br />111. That such license shall remain in force for the period of one year fiod tls <br />date thereof. <br />IQ. That any person found acting in contravention of the provisions a( tlw <br />by -law shall, upon conviction before any Justice of the Peace in the Coanty d <br />Essex, be liable to a fine not greeter than forty dollars nor less than five dollars <br />together with the costs, to be levied by distress of the goods and chattels of the <br />offender, and in default of such distress the offender to be imprisoned is tke <br />County Gaol for any period not exceeding twenty -one days. <br />Y. That all fines imposed under the provisions of this by-law shag 4 <br />over b the for the y use of the convicting is or Justices intq the hand$ of the CoUty Trelyo <br />D. ROYNARAN, Clerk. SOLOMON WIGLI11, W441L <br />BY -LAW N0, Om <br />To .dicer and .mend By -Lacs No. 63; intitled a By -Lase for A* Removal �, Iva <br />obstructing Highways. <br />Whereas it is necessary to alter and amend By -Law N�a' J )Une 24, l3gl. <br />for the carrying out of the provisions of said By,Law ; ' to be 24, Prori4h <br />Be Eseez tf therefore Council assembled under °saa by jug o� tU a of COgaty, <br />Peer Cam Y <br />pal Institutions Act, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the. <br />the second section of said by -law be rescinded, and the following be s�ut44 <br />in lieu hereof : � <br />1' That if any owner or owners of such Led shall not se cut and <br />timber after being notified by the commissioner in accordance wits the per <br />ionso this by -law, it shall be the duty of the commissioner or cosuujWo... <br />such other person as he or they may appoint for such purpose, to sell such tin,he� for <br />the putp'ose of defraying the expenses of carrying out tho 1eq i�ea� of tk4 <br />And be it further enacted, that the Reeves of such Townships by which w <br />County Roads do passhis <br />by -law, to carry tue samtl into effect. <br />Thu by -law to have full force and effect from and after the k passin the <br />SULUbIUN W1GLlp, rU <br />D. YOYNAHAN, Clark. <br />