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BY - LAW NO. I <br /> <br />BY-LAir 1 OR 1244 a bylaw respect~n!~ c msolidation of the bylaws. <br />WH~RFAS is has been fotmd expedient, to rev-lsem~d consolidate the <br />Bylaws of the County of ~'~ssex~ ~ich are now in force an~ of present <br />iht,re st. <br /> <br /> Be it therefore enacted, by the municipal corporation o~' the <br /> <br />County of t;~ssex:- <br /> <br />1. That the Bylaws of the County of ~ssex which are now ~n force and <br />of present interest, commencing with the consolidation of the January <br />Session of 19h8 and extending: to and including the bylaws of the <br />Special Session cf Decem~er, 1956~ be consolidated as shown in the sub- <br />joined schedv~e ~fl~i.c~:is part of ttr~s Bylaw ~ and the saiJ bylaws be <br />hereafter referred to as "The Consolidated Bylaws of 1956", and by the <br />Numbers given them in such consolidation. <br /> <br />2. That the said consolidated byla~.~s shall not be L,~(b to operate <br />as new bylaws, but shall be construted to have effect as a mere con- <br />solidation. <br /> <br />3. That the County Clerk do have sufficient numbe'~' of copies of the <br />said Consolidated Bylaws printed and suitabl~ bound for the use of the <br />members of the County ~.ouncil and County ffficers ~md the ~%~ctive Justices <br />of the Peace of the County, also the Police Magistrates. <br /> <br /> I;'inally passed an~~, adopted this lhth day of Dece~oer 1956 <br /> <br /> (Clerk) (Warden) <br /> <br />SCH EDUL~:t. Ct~' BY-LAWS CC~.iSO,r.,IDATi~D ~:~Y THIS BY-LAW. <br /> <br />Number <br /> <br /> 1. By-law respecting the Consolidation of the ~y-1,'-~ws of the <br /> <br />County of Essex. <br /> Passed Dece!mber 14th, 1956. <br /> <br /> 3. <br /> <br />By-law to incorporate the Village of Bell~ iver. <br /> Passed Nove~ber 26, 1874 <br /> <br />Streets in 'the Township of Colchester Sou~. <br /> <br />By-law respecting the closing of parts of Sullivan -and Daly <br /> <br />Passed June !7, 1881. <br /> <br />11. By-law for licensinf~i auctioneers. <br /> Passed June~ 7, 1892. <br /> <br />12. By-law to erect Stoney ?oint ~n to a i2olice Village. <br /> Passed June 17, 1881. <br /> <br />resident Taxes. <br /> <br /> Passed June 12, 1878. <br /> <br />8. By-law providinf: for pa~ent ot ~Mnicipalities of Non <br /> <br /> <br />