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~~ <br />~~~~ ~~~ <br />Chartered Acc~unta~ts <br />~ 18 C r~enood Cer7 ire <br />3~~~ aeziel Drive <br />1lVindsor ~N NSIN 5K8 <br />AUDITORS' REPORT <br />T~le~h~ne t5~9y X51-35~~0 <br />Fax ~5~9f X51-~53Q <br />~~19~ ~~~-35~#~ <br />I~~~rn~i ~vw~r.k~r~g.t;~ <br />Ta the warden and Members of Councii of the Carparatinn of the County of Essex; <br />vVe have audited the conoiidated statement of financial position of the Carparatian of the County <br />of i=ssex as at December ~~, ~aa~ and the consolidated statements of financial activities and <br />cash flaws far the year then ended. Thane financial statements are the responsibility of the <br />County's administration. Cur responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements <br />based an our audit. <br />VUe conducted our audit in accordance with Canadian generaliy accepted auditing standards. <br />Thaw standards require that we plan and perform an audit to obtain reasonable assurance <br />whether the financial statements are free of rr~aterial misstatement. An audit includes examining, <br />on a fast basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disciasures in the financial statements. An <br />auriit else includes assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by <br />adrninistratian, a well as evaluating the averal~ financial statement presentation. <br />In our apinianr these consolidated financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the <br />financial pasition of the County as at December 31 t ~Oa~' and the results of its financial act~vlties <br />and its cash flaws far the year then ended in accordance with the accounting principles prescribed <br />by the public nectar Accounting Daard of the Canadian institute of Chartered A~ccountants~ <br />Cur audit was conducted far the purpose of forming an opinion an the basic consolidated financial <br />statements taken as a whole. The current year's supplementary information included in chedulc <br />~ is presented far the purpnses of additional analysis and is not a required pert of the basic <br />consolidated financial statements. such supplementary infarmatian has been subjected to the <br />auditing procedures applied in the audit of the basic consolidated financial statements and, in our <br />apinian, i fairly stated in all material respects in relation to the basic consaiidated financial <br />statements taken as a whole. <br />~1P~G ~~v <br />~~ <br />Chartered ~ccauntants, Licensed Public Accountants <br />Windsor, Canada <br />June 3, ~aa8 <br />~~h,iG i.~~ a Canadian Eir~tiited Piak~ili~y pariner~hip ~~ tt~e Ca~i~3dian <br />mernd~r firrri of h~PI~1G InC~rr~aii~nal, a Swi,s caopcrat~ve. <br />