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<br />By-law # 26-2009 <br />Page 3 <br /> <br />2.2.5 such other means as may be determined as appropriate by County Council <br />in the circumstances. <br /> <br />2.3 NOTICE <br /> <br />Before selling any Real Property not included in section 2.4 herein, the Clerk <br />shall give notice to the public in a form determined by the Provision of Notice <br />By-law of the County, as amended from time to time. <br /> <br />2.4 EXEMPTIONS <br /> <br />The provisions of this by-law do not apply to: <br /> <br />2.4. I Real Property sold lillder section 110 of the Municipal Act, 2001; <br /> <br />2.4.2 classes of Real Propelty described under Part XI of the Municipal Act, <br />2001; <br /> <br />2.4.3 Real Property being reconveyed to the Person that originally conveyed the <br />Real Property or the successor in title of such Person where the Real <br />Property is held by the County in trust or subject to a condition, obligation <br />or legislation that requires a specific conveyance by the County; <br /> <br />2.4.4 Real Property being reconveyed to the Person who conveyed the Real <br />Property to the County or the successor in title of such Person where the <br />Real Propelty is held by the County as security for the performance of <br />obligations for that Person pursuant to an agreement between that Person <br />and the County; <br /> <br />2.4.5 Real Property that vested in the County by operation of law or otherwise <br />which neither the County nor the registered owner intended to vest; <br /> <br />2.4.6 0.3 metre reserves or reserves of such other size which were acquired for <br />road purposes or by plmming approval or decision which reserves are <br />being conveyed to the adjoining landowner or to any government or <br />government related agency; <br /> <br />2.4.7 easements granted to public utilities, electricity distribution company, <br />power generation company, telephone compmlies or other similar entity; <br />or <br /> <br />2.4.8 Real Property less than 10,000 square feet in area, sold to any <br />municipality, Local Board, school board, conservation authority or the <br />Crown in right of Ontario or Canada or their agencies. <br />